Celebrity Weight Loss Confessions That Will Inspire You

Celebrities may have all the luxurious things from the top of the line brands. Having millions of net worth and high credit scores, for sure, they can purchase mansions and cars. However, just like any regular person, they need to protect their most significant investment, which is their health. Living a celebrity life, means they are under the watchful eyes of the public. Thus, maintaining their appearance is one of the challenges that they have to face. This article will show you the journey of celebrities in losing weight. Some the reasons of these celebrities in losing weight can inspire you, especially the ones who did not undergo surgery.


Perez Hilton is one of the celebrity bloggers. But just like any other celebrity, his name went up the surface of the Hollywood radar when he started to add some weight. Many were shocked when Hilton gained weight quite fast. To combat his unhealthy lifestyle, he decided to have a proper and strict diet, together with a regular exercise routine. The results of his hard work seem fruitful. However, rumors claimed that he underwent surgery. Whatever it is Hilton undoubtedly happy with his weight loss results.


Jonah Hill has always been known to be overweight. His weight has concerned many and even suggested to undergo surgery. But he thought about it given that he has health insurance, hill found that not only that it is expensive, but also it has some pros and cons. Thankfully, he decided that he had enough of the excess pounds and opt to seek a nutritionist. Hill had a strict diet plan and exercise routine to help him to be fit. His project has cost him less and still has the output that he wanted.


Missy Elliot is one of the most successful female rappers in the music industry. However, she previously did not care about her weight as she was very busy with her career. Fortunately, her doctors advised her that she needed to lose the extra pounds, as it may affect her heart and of course, her overall health. Upon hearing the dangers of being overweight, Elliot immediately sought a nutritionist and embarked on her weight loss journey. A lot of people gave credit to her hard work, discipline, and how she faced a healthier lifestyle.


Matthew McConaughey is one of the prominent Hollywood celebrities. He is being adored by many, especially when it comes to his physique. Muscular packs, lean appearance, and biceps are McConaughey’s trademark that makes women admire him. He, however, has a change of appearance that puts doubt on a lot of people. McConaughey is seen to be much more skinny and lost all his muscle tone. But, the professional actor that he is, he lost those pounds to play a role in the Dallas Buyers Club movie. McConaughey had a strict meal plan to achieve his appearance for the position. Now, he is getting back on his muscular shape.


Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful winners of the American Idol. Since winning the contest in 2002, she hit the music industry by storm. Clarkson has gained so much confidence and ability to gather multiple awards. However, given the fact that she was able to achieve her career and place her name in the industry, she is not happy with her appearance, especially when it comes to her weight. Clarkson decided that she needed to do something with her weight and live a healthier lifestyle. She had a balanced diet and exercised ad happily achieve to be 40lbs lighter. Now, Clarkson looks happier and healthier.


Kirsten Vangsness is being loved for playing the role of Penelope Garcia, in the long-running series The Criminal Minds. If you keep track of the series, you could see her weight loss change on the later dates. Thankfully, she decided to live healthier, and to start with is shedding off the pounds. With her choice, she was able to look fit and happier. Vangsness is currently more active and was given credit as she became an inspiration to many. Her weight loss journey may not be comfortable, but it is all worth it, as her health is one of her most excellent investment.


Kaley Cuoco is one of the most promising actresses in the industry. Having many movie and TV roles, she is adored for playing the character of Penny in the TV series The Big Bang Theory. Despite the fact that we did not see Cuoco putting on considerable weight, she admittedly shared that staying fit was never comfortable. She has tried different weight loss approach and might even go through online classes, and finally, she found the one that suits her best. Cuoco is going to the gym regularly and do hot yoga. Thus, all her hard work can be seen as she looks stunning as ever.


Dr. Dre has made a massive impact on the music scene. The famous rapper and producer seem to have all the luxurious things in life. Having a net worth $800 million and a high credit score, he can surely afford the top of the line health insurance. However, it is still up to him to choose a healthier lifestyle. Thus, all the bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle took its toll. Dre was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and he decided that he needed to change for the sake of his health. Dre hired a personal trainer for his physique and had a strict meal plan. At 54 years old, he looks healthier and happier.


Sam Smith is no doubt one of the best artists in the music industry today. As his career keeps on rising, he is also beginning to shed off the extra pounds. Smith wanted to lose weight not only for his career but also for his overall health. Although he can afford all the luxury in life, he still wanted his fitness to be a priority, because expensive health insurance can cover not all matters. Smith is now more active, and his weight loss journey has been evident to many, as they said that he looks healthier.


Kevin James made his name in the movie industry and is tagged to be one of the best comedians. Despite being successful with his career, people still ridiculed him with regards to his weight. He remained quiet about it until he was asked to play a role in Here Comes the Boom. With his career and health in line, he decided to get rid of the extra pounds and live a healthier life. He undergoes a strict diet, and because of his hard work and determination, he was able to lose weight. James might need to lose a little more, but at least he was able to achieve the first step.


Tyra Banks is no doubt one of the most successful models in the industry. She is also highly respected and has been an inspiration to many. For once in her life, she also did not care much about her weight. However, Tyra’s drastic weight gain has threatened her career and as well as her health. Thus, she made the right decision in cutting off her extra pounds. Tyra sought a health nutritionist and a personal trainer and managed to lose a dashing 30lbs. Even if she spent some money on her weight, her credit score would not be affected, and the results are quite promising.


Miranda Lambert is also one of the famous country singers. She may have experienced calling a divorce lawyer once as she and Blake Shelton called it quits. Rumors claim that her divorce is one of the reasons she gained weight. Fortunate enough, Miranda was able to combat her weight gain and decided to go for a fitness program and a strict diet. She loses a dashing 25lbs. Lambert continues her weight loss program, and she looks healthier and more active. It seems like Lambert invested when it comes to her health.


Anthony Anderson has marked his name in the industry for years. Not only that, he is an actor. Anderson is also a writer and comedian. Lately, he has been part of the Iron Chef America as chef and judge. It merely shows that Anderson revolves around food. With that, he added some extra pounds. Anderson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Not long after, he decided to pay attention to his health and adopted a healthy diet and work out. Anderson lost some weight and looks healthy today. Thankfully he paid attention to the significant investment of all, which is his health.


Britney Spears is undoubtedly one of the music industry’s icons. However, she too fell into depression and emotional disturbance. Thankfully Spears did not end-up into bankruptcy. Spear’s weight gain might come from all the stress that she went through. However, she is currently doing a lot of work to get back in shape. With her determination, Spears was able to pull herself back and regained her body and looks. The 90’s icon is once again the superstar that she is. The credit for her looks now must have gone to her decisions and not let depression win against her.


Jason Segel portrayed one of the most loved characters in a TV show. He touched the hearts of many after playing the role of Marshall in the popular TV series How I Met Your Mother. Unfortunately, Segel was not able to take care of his weight. Hence, he gained some extra pounds. Coincidentally, he saw a photo of him that was taken by his assistant, and from there, he decided to do something with his body. Segel agreed to have a fitness routine and follow proper nutrition. He can now be seen with a healthier body and a happier attitude.


Renée Zellweger is also one of the actresses that would go for the extra miles to achieve the role that was given to her. Famous for playing the role of Bridget in Bridget Jones’s Diary, she needed to put on some weight. In doing so, Zellweger was able to give justice to the part. Thus, after the movie, she made sure that she will be back in her original body. She seeks advice from her nutritionist and starting to have a strict diet plan and exercise routine. The results were astounding, as she substantially achieved her desired weight. It goes to show that Zellwegger is doing well with both of her investments, which is her career and health.


Playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the most iconic movies, Titanic, Kate Winslet, took Hollywood by storm. However, she too has some problems when it comes to weight. She decided that she had to do something about the extra pounds and opt for a diet. Winslet followed a strict meal plan and incorporated it with exercise to make sure she is of excellent shape. All of her determination paid off as she is looking healthy and blooming at the age of 44.


Jimmy Kimmel is also one of the most successful TV host and comedian in the industry. Behind the scenes, he is also a respected writer and producer. Although Jimmy is quite successful with his career and his $35 million net worth and high credit score to prove it, he forgot to attend his health. Thankfully, his camp and he were able to notice it and resolve Jimmy’s problem. Given his tight schedule, his team made sure that he will be able to do some physical activities, and goes with it is a strict diet plan. Fortunate for Jimmy, he has a lot of support through his weight loss journey coming from his camp.


Osbourne is one of the famous family names in the Hollywood industry. Thus, Kelly has also built a solid foundation not only in the entertainment industry but in fashion as well. Just like any other celeb that is so busy with their tight schedule, Kelly also misses out to take care of her body. After facing her health issue of being overweight, she finally found the perfect way on how to stay healthy and maintain her fit physique. Kelly joined a weight loss program and resulted in the loss of a whopping 70 lbs. Thankfully, she was able to keep her body and adopt the plan.


Drew Carey is one of the legendary names in the TV industry. Hosting his show for decades, he also lives an unhealthy lifestyle. Carey was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which is a disease that no health insurance can solve. Upon realizing that this is a severe medical condition, Carey had enough of his unhealthy habits and started to undergo diet. People also saw him in the gym. Thus, all of his discipline and hard work paid off to the degree that his Type 2 diabetes was gone. We hope that Carey would keep this healthier lifestyle as he looks better and more youthful.


Fergie has marked her name in the music industry. Being one of the front lines of the group Black Eyed Peas to launching her solo career, she is quite successful. One of the reasons for weight gain, especially for women, is pregnancy weight. As for Fergie’s case, after giving birth, she also gained some extra pounds. Fergie then opts for a weight loss program wherein she cuts down her food intake to 1,200 calories per day. Aside from diet, she also combined it with exercise. Fergie’s weight loss investment has paid off as her body went back to the way it was before.


Jojo has been in the industry at a very young age. Her $7 million net worth and high credit score reflect the success in her career. However, Jojo’s record label asked her to lose some weight for the sake of her career. Professional as she is, Jojo agreed to lose her extra pounds. Both Jojo and her camp compiled the weight loss journey. They cut off the daily intake of Jojo to 500 calories, and it worked as her extra pounds were gone. Currently, Jojo looks fitter and healthier. But she admitted that her weight loss journey is tough.


Jack Black is also one of the prominent actors in Hollywood. The famous comedian is always known to be overweight, and Black may also miss a look at his health investment. Thankfully, Black’s close friend Kyle Gass was able to inspire him to cut off some pounds. He started his weight loss journey by following Gass’ process. Black limited his carb intake and also did some workouts. Many were surprised by how effective his mission was. The credit must have gone to Balck’s hard work and dedication. Now, he is more active and healthier.


Elle King is also one of the celebrities who forgot to look over her health. Due to her hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, King was not able to give her health the proper attention. Thankfully she was able to realize that she is gaining weight and opt to have a diet. She worked hard for her new appearance, and fans appreciated it. King’s fresh looks and healthier body had stunned many, especially when she was seen wearing her wedding gown. King’s hard work and determination are impressive to many. Thus, she has been an inspiration.


Ashley Fink is also one of the celebrities that does not care much about their weight. She had been overweight ever since, and her busy lifestyle has added some more pounds. As a matter of fact, she has reached 300 pounds, and her family and friends are very much concerned. Fortunately, Fink was able to realize the dangers of being overweight and has to do something about her health. She opted for diet and mixed it with exercise, and her result is astounding. Fink has already lost 80 pounds, and she made the diet and exercise part of her daily routine.


Hillary Scott is one of the sought after artists in the music industry. Having a great voice and being the lead vocalist of Lady Antebellum, she has been successful with her career. Scott’s high credit score and $11 million net worth speaks a lot about her job. Being a frontline, Scott has been on the public’s radar. Thus, many have been talking about her weight. Through the years of her busy schedule, she also gained some extra weight. To get rid of the extra pounds, Scott underwent diet and exercise. Her key to the weight loss journey is to choose healthier food. As a result, not only that she was able to lose weight, she is also healthier inside.


Meghan Trainor has made her name in the music industry and took it by storm. Growing up, she had already started to become overweight. Embracing her appearance can be clearly understood in her songs. Thus, it gained her success, an $8 million net worth, and a high credit score. However, Megahah thought that the most significant investment in her health. She decided to go on a diet and combined it with exercise. The people, especially her fans, were shocked when she appeared looking fitter and more beautiful than ever. The credit to Meghan’s new appearance must have gone to her and her dedication.


Queen Latifah is also one of the most loved female comedians in the industry. Her career in Hollywood has been running for decades. With that, her net worth is $60 million, and for sure, her credit score is high. Latifah may have all the luxurious things and high-end insurances, but fortunate for her, she took time and invested in her health. Through diet and exercise, Latifah was able to lose 10 percent of her body weight. Reports also suggest that she got her breast done to achieve the glass hour body shape. Whether it is true or not, Latifah is now healthier and fitter.


John Goodman is also one of the celebrities to ignore all the comments about his weight. He appeared in many movies, and his body would complement his character. However, Goodman put an end to his unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully, Goodman was able to realize the health hazards of his unhealthy living. He decided to give priority in his essential investment, which is his health. Goodman worked together with his fitness trainer, who helped him with all of his workout needs. Along with his exercise routine is a balanced diet. The result of his weight loss journey is tagged as successful as he lost a total of 100 pounds.


In addition to the long list of celebrities who forgot to take care of their health and body is Seth Rogen. The famous comedian is also seen on the big screen being overweight. Given his hectic schedule, he tends to forget about his health and started to indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle. Professional as he is, when Seth was offered a superhero role, he decided to lose the unwanted pounds. Through his efforts alongside his trainer, he was able to shed the excess pounds, not only that he is also consuming healthy and nutritious food. Seth currently looks more youthful and has been applauded by many.


Of course, Kim Kardashian is always under the spotlight. She does not need any introduction as she is one of the best-known personas in the industry. Kim is known for her luxurious lifestyle and curved physique. However, just like any other mom, Kim gained weight after giving birth. She then wanted to be fit and healthy and bring her body back to how it used to be. With that, Kim fits exercise into her daily schedule. Given her financial status and high credit score, Kim could surely afford a surgery. Still, she wanted to lose the pregnancy weight traditionally, and the results are incredible.


Zach Galifianakis is one of the best comedians today. Starring in many movies and securing roles, no wonder he was able to achieve his high credit score and a net worth of $20 million. Appearing in front of the camera, Zach can always be seen to be overweight. Favorably, things change. He signed up for a weight loss program for him to start his weight loss journey. Also, Zach admitted that he had to cut down his alcohol intake. All of his discipline and determination went well as he can be seen as healthier and fitter. Reports even claimed that Zach is unrecognizable after his weight change.


Alec Baldwin has been in the industry for decades. Throughout his career, not only he has a net worth of $65 million and has a high credit score, but he also seemed to add some extra pounds.Thus, Badlwin’s weight loss journey has been open to the public. Even though Baldwin can undergo surgery considering the health insurance that he has, he still opts to do it the healthy way. Baldwin underwent diet and fitness, and many had applauded him for almost cutting all his sugar intake. His weight loss journey might be rough, but he achieved to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


Many were shocked after seeing 50 cent getting skinny. Speculations then surfaced that 50 cent was sick. The musician-actor, however, is not ill. The professional actor that he is, he cut down some weight to the degree that he looks very skinny and unhealthy. 50 cent underwent a weight loss program and incredibly achieved the physique for the role. After the movie, 50 cent was able to return to his original body. The credits for his weight loss must have gone to his perseverance and dedication to his career.


Jessica got people by her charm and fabulous physique. Her career bombed since the 90s and was able to achieve a net worth of $600 million and a high credit score. After giving birth to her daughter Maxwell, Simpson struggled with the pregnancy weight. To get rid of the excess pounds, she underwent a weight loss program. Now she is back with her physique after losing 50 pounds. Simpson looks dashing, flawless, and healthier. It seems like she is back in the 90s again. Simpson is currently busy with her career and taking care of her family.


Melissa McCarthy is also one of the famous comedians who did not take care of her weight. She has been overweight for years, and just like any other person, she also struggled to lose it. Fortunately, McCarthy was able to realize the dangers of being overweight, and no health insurance can solve the outcome. Her perseverance and hard work paid off after she underwent a strict diet program and an exercise routine. It goes to show that McCarthy’s discipline took her life into a healthier one.


Kristie Alley is also one of the prominent actresses in the Hollywood industry. However, she is also one of the celebrities that have been caught up with their schedules and not able to take control of their weight. Alley’s weight loss journey is quite a roller coaster ride. She was able to lose weight, yet had a seatback. Alley once followed the Jenny Craig diet and was able to lose 75 pounds. However, she bounced back and weighed 230 pounds in 2011. Thankfully, when Alley joined Dancing With The Stars, she was able to lose 50 pounds. Also, her discipline and determination helped her maintain her weight.


If you are part of the famous Kardashian clan, it is already given that your life is under the watchful eyes of the public. Rob Kardashian is no exception. People have noticed him being overweight, yet he tends to ignore it. Until one day, he was inspired to turn his life around for her daughter’s sake. Rob flaunted Twitter stating that he is regularly going to the gym. He wanted to live longer and see his daughter grow up; hence, his decision. Living a healthier lifestyle and having a daughter as inspiration has worked well for Rob as he looks more robust now.


Celine Dion recently hit the headlines when fans were shocked at how thin she is. Dion was lighter than ever, and people got concerned about her overall health. However, according to an interview, Dion shared that she may be thinner now, but people should not be worried because she is very healthy. She also slammed body shamers and told them to leave her alone. Dion gave credits to ballet as it aids her in the physique that she wanted. She shared that she does dance four times a week. As a matter of fact, she felt more grounded and stronger having her new figure.


Robbie Williams is considered to be one of the music industry’s hunks. He has been in the music scene for decades and has a high credit score and a net worth of $300 million. Also, when things slowed down for Williams, people began to notice he put on some extra pounds. Thankfully, he was able to see it and decided to put a stop on his unhealthy lifestyle. Williams opts to have a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. After all of his hard work and determination, he is back with the chiseled framed body.

Celebrities also experienced some health problems just like us. With all the stress and unhealthy lifestyle can surely add some unwanted weight to them. They also tend to forget that their health is one of their most significant investment. The weight loss journey of celebrities may not be comfortable, but it is quite inspiring.