Luxurious Celebrity Mansions That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Celebrities are known to live luxuriously. Through their hard work and exceptional talents, they can have a considerable net worth and high credit score. Stating that, they also must have gotten a finance advisor to take care of their wealth and investments. Real estate investment is one of the items that celebrities do. Thus, these houses will show you how celebrities invest their money and create their dream house.


Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses and belongs to the A-list. Cementing her name in the movie industry, she was able to have a net worth of $100 million and a high credit score. Given the wealth that she has and the investment planning that she did, Jolie can surely afford to purchase a luxurious home. Recently, Jolie used some of her investment money to buy a new house in Los Feliz. According to reports, the real estate cost around $24.5 million, and the famous filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille previously owned it. The mansion has ten bathrooms, a six-bedroom, a luxurious pool, and a modern style kitchen. Thus, the luxurious amenities fit Jolie’s taste.


As many would know, Will Smith is one of the wealthiest celebrities. It goes to show that the actor-comedian has as excellent money management skills and investment planning.  Smith’s wealth speaks so much about his success having a net worth of $300 million. Thus, Smith has invested in a $42 million real estate in California. The land is so big that it has its zip code. The original cost of the property is $20 million, with all the renovations it has doubled the amount. The estate now has a recording studio, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a golf course. Smith really knows how to live luxuriously.


Mark Wahlberg has made his name in the industry, and his career has spanned for decades. Not only that, he is a remarkable actor. He is also a singer, songwriter, producer, and businessman. He is also considered to be one of the wealthiest actors having a considerable credit score and a net worth of $250 million. Wahlberg displayed his new $30 million property in the TV series Entourage, and people applaud him for his investment. His home has six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a media room, and a massive landscape for outdoor entertainment. Walhberg’s house shows that his career is quite successful.


Katy Perry is one of the icons in the music industry today. Her exceptional talent and successful career have fruited a $330 million net worth and her great looking credit report. Perry also knows where to put her investment money. She has a $4 million a Mediterranean villa on the coast of Los Angeles. Perry’s home has four bathrooms, four bedrooms, a glamorous walk-in closet, and a luxurious pool. It also might have an expensive home security system. Her house showcased her “California Girl” side.


Drew Barrymore started her Hollywood career at a very young age. She kicked off her career as a child star and grew up in the industry. Barrymore is also wise with her investment money as she bought as she owns a house in California. As a matter of fact, she got married in the said property. The house has six bedrooms, remote-controlled gates, an enormous backyard, and a separate apartment for the guest. However, after finalizing her divorce with her attorney, she listed the property for $7.5 million. It might be the right decision for Barrymore for her to move on.


The world has witnessed the rise and fall of Britney Spears’s life. Dozens of controversies surround her, and thankfully she was able to rise back again. Thus, she must have a financial advisor to take care of her wealth during her tough moments. Up to now, Spears still has a net worth of $215 million. She put on some of her investment money to a real estate in California. The $9 million home has an elegant fountain, a beautiful garden, and it features an Italian villa flare. Whether Spears is near to retirement or not, the popstar could surely unwind in this luxurious property.


Halle Berry is considered to be one of the sought after celebrities. Having a net worth of $80 million speaks a lot of her success. Berry is also smart when it comes to money management and investment planning, as she owns a real estate property in Malibu that has a price tag of $8 million. She has been residing in the property for 13 years now, and she loves the place. Who wouldn’t? Berry’s home has access to a private beach. It also has five bathrooms, four bedrooms, a jacuzzi, and a spa. She really knows how to live a relaxing yet luxurious life.


Jennifer Aniston is one of the wealthiest Hollywood celebrities. Famous for playing the role of Rachel Green in the hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., she has a net worth of $240 million. When it comes to investment planning, she is smart as well as she used to own a house in Beverly Hills that she bought for $13.5 million and sold it for $42 million. With all her luxurious renovations, that the price of the property has doubled. The mansions include five bedrooms, a gym, and some other luxurious amenities.


Reese Witherspoon has starred in multiple films and has won different awards from prestigious bodies. After all the hard work that she gave in her career, she surely deserves the net worth of $150 million and a high credit score. Recently, Witherspoon purchased a $12.7 million property in Los Angeles. Her new house has a movie theater, a gym, and an infinity pool. As for her guest Witherspoon, has three guest house that has its master suite and a private living room. The guest must have been lucky to stay at her new home.


Heidi Klum is no doubt one of the most beautiful celebrities in the industry. Her home speaks much about her beauty and taste. Klum owns a $24 million home in Los Angeles that is 8.5 acres big. The property shows off a classic Italian style and has eight bedrooms. Klum also made sure that her kids will be happy. As a mom, she installed a children’s playground to make sure the kids would enjoy it. Thus, the property is filled with luxurious items that mostly identify the character of Klum. Not only she made confident with the property investment, but Klum also secured the comforts of a home.


Robert Downey Jr. is a star that needs no introduction. Saving the world as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is no doubt that his net worth and credit score is high. Owning an $11.9 million in East Hamptons would be easy for him to acquire. The four-acre estate has four baths, seven bedrooms, a large pool, a tennis court, a movie room, and a two-bedroom guest house. It goes to show that his luxurious things mirrored his Tony Stark character. Downey has a current net worth of $300 million, and he could surely retire in his luxurious house anytime.


Joanne Woodward is one of the veteran actresses in the Hollywood industry. She played unforgettable roles in iconic movies such as The Three Faces Of Eve, Count Three and Pray, and A Kiss Before Dying. After her late husband, Paul Newman passed away; he left her a property in Connecticut that Woodward decided to put it on the list for $2.4 million. Woodward also showed her money management skills as she has a net worth of $50 million and could surely afford a luxurious home anytime. Up to now, at the age of 89, Woodward does not show any signs of retiring.


Guy Fieri grew up in the kitchen walls. He started working his way around the restaurant at a very young age. Now, he is a known author, restaurateur, an Emmy Award-winning television presenter. Fieri also co-owns three significant restaurants in New York, Nevada, and Las Vegas. He also has a series in Food Network, and all of his hard work earned him a net worth of $8.5 million. A great person in business that he is Fieri put some of his investment money in his real estate property in Santa Rosa. The amount of his home may be undisclosed, but just looking for it, it would have cost him millions.


Chris Hemsworth is best known for his triumphant portrayal of Thor, The God of Thunder. His success with his career reflects on his net worth of $90 million and a high credit score. Hemsworth wise investment planning can also be seen as he owns a $15 million home in Byron Bay. The 11-acre property is located in his country Australia. The original price of the estate is $7 million, but after the luxurious renovations that he made, it added the amount of $8 million. Hemsworth, together with his family, could surely rest in this property during his day off in his hectic schedule.


For Alan Jackson, investing in a home where the country music revolves is the best thing for him. The country singer owns a colossal land wherein he built his mansion from scratch. It took Jackson two years to develop his lakeside estate. Thus, his family lived there for a very long time until Jackson’s daughter moved out. He then decided to sell the property for $28 million because the mansion is too big for him and his wife. It must have been sad for Jackson considering the memories that were left, but having a net worth of $75 million, he could surely buy another mansion.


Eva Mendes is also one of the multi-talented celebrities. Not only that, her timeless beauty is an actress; she is also a model and a businesswoman as well. She previously lived with her former boyfriend, George Gargurevich, in a 1,732 square-foot property in California. However, after the eight-year relationship, the couple split. Hence, Eva went on to sell the property for $1.27 million. The ex-couple bought the property for $584 thousand. It has two baths, three bedrooms, and other amenities. The businesswoman as she is, Eva was able to sell it for more than half the price.


As many would know, Jonas Brother broke up and shattered the hearts of their fans. However, each of them has made fortunes on their own, and Joe Jonas has a net worth of $18 million. He also spent his investment money well as he owns a $3.7 million property in Sherman Oaks. The two-story house stands at 5,600 feet land, has a private theater, and a pool. It also features an open-concept kitchen that is perfect for entertainment and dining.


Another Avenger that made it on the list is Chris Evans. Playing the role of Captain America has earned him a high credit score and a net worth of $70 million. Investment planning is also one of his talents as he owns a $3.5 million property in Hollywood Hills. Evans surely knows how to live a luxurious yet comfortable home. His house features a floor to ceiling windows, and an open kitchen that has all the expensive appliances. Evans must all have installed a costly home security system for his family’s protection when he is away.


Jessica Alba is also one of the celebrities who knows how to handle their finances well. She puts on some of her investment money to a $9.5 million property in Beverly Hills. The beautiful mansion flaunts a traditional charming yet sophisticated East Cast style. It has eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and a guest cottage. Taking advantage of a vast outdoor space, Alba put in an outdoor kitchen, relaxing spa, and of course, a swimming pool. People would be fortunate to have Alba as a host and be welcomed inside her luxurious property.


As a famous TV personality, Vanna White surely has an excellent credit score, aside from her net worth of $50 million. When it comes to investments, White also has great skills. Being part of the long-running game show The Wheel of Fortune, White has invested in several properties. Among her possessions is her home in Beverly Hills. She sold the mansion for $47.4 million. It is a Tuscan-style complete with luxurious amenities. The property best reflects her expensive taste. Given her net worth, White can purchase a luxurious home that is mortgage-free anytime she wants.


Bruce Willis is also one of the prominent and well-respected in Hollywood industry. Some of the unforgettable movies that he starred in are The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, and Die Hard. Bein one of the most successful men in his craft, Willis has a net worth of $180 million and a soaring high credit score. Thus, among his different investments, he Willis owns a 22-acre property in New York that he listed for $13 million. The property is complete with luxurious amenities such as a saltwater pool, the pool house, two two-car garages, and tennis court. The house also has the comfort of a home.

22.Courteney Cox: $33 MILLION, MALIBU

Courteney Cox is also a crowd favorite for playing the role of Monica in the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. After successfully performing the role; her name was marked in the industry and Cox is considered to be one of the prominent stars. Her estimated net worth is $180 million, and with that amount of wealth, she was able to purchase a $33 million home in Malibu. The luxurious mansion includes access to a private beach, saltwater pool, guest cottages, and a tennis court. Reports suggest that Cox spent ten years in designing and renovating her home.


After playing the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games movie franchise, Jennifer Lawrence was unstoppable in the Hollywood industry. She is currently one of the highest-paid actresses, and with that, her net worth is $130 million. Making the most of her wealth, she put some of her money into real estate investment. Lawrence owns property in Beverly Hills which previously owned by Jessica Simpson, that is worth $8 million. The 5,500 square foot mansion has five French-style bedrooms. It goes to show that Lawrence has the talent in money management and investment planning.


George and Amal Clooney are one of the power couples in the industry. Both being an expert in their respective fields, no doubt they have a considerable net worth and high credit score. Owning a $20 million property in London shows that they are great with money management. The couple bought the property back in 2014 and renovated it with luxurious features in which they deserved. The fancy home has a pool house, theater, an outdoor playground, an enclosed tennis court and a nanny’s quarters. If ever the couple would choose to sell the mansion, it will surely cost more than $20 million.


For the country-singers, Tennessee is their place to be. The famous country singer-songwriter, Sheryl Crow, is also a resident of Nashville. Crow owns 50 acres of land wherein a 10,264 square-foot mansion stands. Just like any other musicians, Crow also has her own recording studio inside her home. To accommodate her visitors, she has equipped her mansion with a luxurious guesthouse. For an outdoor entertainment experience, Crow has a swimming pool and a spa. Her real estate property is proof of her success.


One of the staple brands in the fashion industry is Tommy Hilfiger. The world-class designer has been in the industry for decades and has a net worth of $400 million. His $27.5 million home shows much of his wealth and taste. Hilfiger’s Golden Beach property is 14,079 square feet and has all the luxurious amenities. The mansion is consist of eight baths, seven bedrooms, and entertainment rooms. Not only that, but he also made sure not to lose his childhood, Hilfiger installed a Mickey Mouse. Up to now, he still launches new designs, and his net worth and credit score keep on rising.


Nicole Kidman is also one of the prominent and wealthiest actresses in the industry. She already appeared in multiple films, and her success earned her a net worth of $130 million. Being married to Keith Urban, with no signs of contacting a divorce lawyer, they both have vast wealth and high credit scores. Kidman owns a $4.5 million farmhouse in Australia. The mansion was built in 1878 that is Georgian-style. The house has luxurious amenities such as a billiard room, a floor to ceiling library, and a vast living room that has a fireplace and a grand piano.


Drake is one of the artists that worked his way up to the success ladder. Now that he is in the prime of his career, Drake has a net worth of $150 million and considered to be on the wealthiest rappers. Thus, he purchased a real estate in Hidden Hills that is worth $7.7 million. Reports suggest that the pool inside Drake’s mansion is to outdo Hugh Hefner’s notorious Playboy Mansion pool. It has also been said the Drake is obsessed with pools. Hence he installed one.


Patrick Dempsey is one of Hollywood’s hunks. Even though the long-running series Grey’s Anatomy has ended, his excellent money management skills enabled him to have a net worth of $60 million. Thus, he could surely afford $14.5 million value of real estate property. The land is five-acre big and is surrounded by greenery. The interior is characterized by chic rustic style, with elegant furniture. The house also has an excellent outdoors that is equipped with a pool and an outdoor oven. Dempsey, together with his family, can surely relax with the lavish amenities.


John Travolta is also one of Hollywood’s greatest actors. All of his hard work has paid him off a net worth of $170 million and a high credit score. Travolta also knows where to spend his money and live lavishly. He owns $12 million in Florida that has an airport. Yes! His love for planes had made Travolta equip his mansion with hangars and runway. Not only that, but his house also has multiple pools and a golf course. Travolta surely knows how to live his dream.


Jared Leto came a long way with regards to his career. Not only that, he is a promising actor, but he is also the lead vocalist of the popular band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Leto also knows where to put his investment money, as he owns a $2 million property in Hollywood Hills. His home has all the luxurious amenities that a celebrity could have. It has a high-end recording studio, entertainment room, and a full bar. For his outdoor relaxation, Leto has a tropic-style landscape and pool.


Seth Meyers got people entertained appearing in the famous late-night show, such as Saturday Night Live. Thus, his success enabled him to have a real estate investment in Greenwich Village. Meyers’s home is just a short walk from Washington Square Park, and it is worth $7 million. The two-story, 3,000 square foot property has also showcased a great view of the Empire State Building. Lucky for Meyers, he was able to purchase a property in one of the most expensive real estate places. It goes to show that he is smart when it comes to investment planning and money management.


The singer-actress Mandy Moore is also one of the music icons during the 90s and early 2000s. She also successfully played the role of Jamie Sullivan in one of the hit movies A Walk To Remember. When it comes to investment planning, Moore also had the skill. She owns a $2.5 million home in Pasadena that has all the amenities of a comfortable yet luxurious home. It has a fancy bathroom, a fully-furnished kitchen, an elegant office, and a chic backyard with pool. Moore could surely enjoy her investment with these kinds of amenities.


Keira Knightley is one of the head-turners when it comes to award shows and red carpet. The actress has already marked her in the Hollywood industry, and she is considered to be on the gems. Just like her stylish outfits, her $6 million property in New York also speaks her taste. Knightley’s house has a fabulous bedroom with a patio that has a sweet Bohemian style to secure her comfort and relaxation. The house is, of course, filled with lavish amenities that reflect her elegance.


Chloe Grace Moretz started her Hollywood career in 2004. Now, she already has a net worth of $15 million. When it comes to investment planning, Moretz is also shrewd when it comes to her finances. The 22 years old, already has her own house in Los Angeles that is worth $3.4 million. Moretz home may look like a water resort as it is equipped with an outdoor pool, amazing waterfalls, and a relaxing spa. Inside, the mansion has six bathrooms and five bedrooms. Moretz’s became an inspiration for having her own property from her hard-earned money. At a very young age and having an excellent money management skills, Moretz’s net worth can surely soar higher.


Lady Gaga is one of the exceptional artists in the industry. Marking her name in the music scene, then jumping in the movie scene, Lady Gaga is no doubt successful. Having a net worth of $300 million, she is one of the wealthiest too. Thus, Gaga owns a $5.25 million mansion in Hollywood Hills, that flaunts all the luxurious amenities that a celebrity deserves. The property has seven bedrooms and two guesthouses, an outdoor kitchen, and an enormous yard where she could bask in the enjoyable LA weather.


Legendary actor, Sylvester Stallone is everyone’s favorite when it comes to action movies. His $400 million net worth and high credit score speak so much of his success and money management skills. Stallone owns an estimated $10 million property in Beverly Hills. The 16,000 square foot land houses Stallone’s car collection, along with nine bedrooms. The house has an Italian-style theme that can be seen elegantly. We are not sure if his house may need a home security system, after appearing in all of those films. The A-list celebrity truly deserves a real estate just like this.


Harry Styles is currently one of the hottest artists in the music industry. The former One Direction member truly knows where to put his investment money. At 25 years old, Styles has a net worth of $75 million, and it goes to show that he also has some money management skills. With that, Styles owns an $8.5 million property in Hollywood Hills that has a fancy pool and relaxing hot tub. During his break time from his hectic schedule, Styles can come home and find the relaxation that he needs.


Cameron Diaz also belongs to the A-list celebrities in the Hollywood industry. She is also considered to be one of the richest, having a net worth of $140 million and an excellent credit score. Diaz owned property in Manhattan and had the well-known designer Kelly Wearstler design her interior. Thus, Diaz’s home was featured in Elle Decor. However, she had already sold the house for $4.25 million but still lives in Los Angele together with her husband, Benji Madden. Having different properties speaks well about her investment planning.


Taylor Swift is, no doubt, one of the iconic artists in the music industry. The now 29 years old celebrity is considered to be one of the wealthiest artists as she has a net worth of $360 million. Having a real estate property is just one of her multiple investments. Swift owns a dashing $17 million beach house in Rhode Island, that reports claimed she paid it in cash. Given the price, it is filled with top of the line amenities that best suit the luxurious artist that she is. This property is Swift’s getaway house from her busy schedule.

No doubt that these celebrities can afford to own a luxurious house. However, they also work hard for it, and it is just a prize for their hard-earned money. Credits to their money management and investment planning skills, they were able to afford the properties without nearing bankruptcy. After all, they deserve the luxurious amenities, given the sacrifices that they have made to entertain the world.