TV Show Fails That Marked In The Industry, Find Out Which Series Has The Most Mistakes

After a long day of work, tuning in to your favorite TV series can help you relax. However, making a TV show is never easy. A lot of details must be applied when it comes to continuity. Shifting the camera to a different angle can result in unfortunate consequences. The TV mistakes are also one of the nitpicker’s pleasures as they immediately post it on social media, and becomes a trend. These TV mistakes are unavoidable, and it can sometimes be too late to fix it, as it is already aired on TV. This article will show you the apparent TV mistakes, and a hit TV show got the most of it.

1.True Blood: DVDs From the Future


Fangtasia, which is the vampire bar in the famous drama True Blood, has its mistakes. The place can be seen in flashbacks and was supposed to be a geeky video rental shop. Over several flashbacks, the store can be seen as having renovations and updates. But what got the viewers confused is that the store has ads announcing DVD rentals in the year 1996. Given that the series is supernatural, but having DVDs in 1996 is entirely unacceptable, as the mass distribution of DVDs is in 1997.

2. Friends: Where Everyone’s Apartments Are Numbered Differently


Friends are one of the most excellent TV shows to portray members of Generation X during the 90s. The plot of the series is pretty simple. Six friends were trying to get through their everyday life, drinking coffee, and having each other’s back. However, the production must have miss look the critical detail, which is the apartment number of Monica and Joey. in the first season, Joey and Chandler lived in apartment number 4 across Monica and Rachel apartment number 5. But, in the later season, the production might have realized that they don’t live and the ground floor. Hence, they changed it to number 19 and 20. It might be a small change, but fans noticed it.

 3. The Walking Dead: The Wonky Deer


The Walking Dead took part as one of the funniest memes. Due to its poor design decisions and low-budget, the series has its unfortunate mistake. Given that the series focuses on explosions and zombie carnage, they had their funny moments after they release a crappy deer. In Season 7, the makers used an actual deer in their emotional shots then switch the deer into CGI. The wonky CGI deer become instant fame but for all the wrong reasons. Fans and critics shared the same sentiments stating that the deer is a low budget CGI.

 4. Seinfeld: Dysfunctional Car


Not every TV mistake is terrible, some turned out to be funny. Just like in an episode of Seinfeld, the foursome is searching for their missing car. After the events of poor choices and freakouts, the gang finally found the car. However, when they tried to start it, the car stalls out. However, that part was not on the script. But everyone on the set agreed to include it as it was a better ending. You can even see the gang laughing (not acting) in the car as Kramer continues to start the engine.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cheddar the Corgi’s Changing Coat


Producing a show that has a large cast of secondary characters is quite challenging, especially if it involves animals. The availability of the actors must be planned out well before filming the episode. In the case of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the series cast an adorable corgi who happens to be Captain Holt’s dog named Cheddar. However, viewers spotted the different Pembroke Welsh Corgis, acting as Cheddar throughout the series. People can see the different color patterns of Cheddar. Some of the spots are orange, while some are brown. We don’t know the reasons behind the switching of dogs.

6. Stranger Things: Future Technology in Stranger Things


Stranger Things is being praised for its sets, soundtrack, and wardrobe. Doing a series that is in a specific period is challenging and requires a lot of research. However, nitpickers found that in Season 1, the boys are using TRC-214 walkie-talkies to check in from bedroom to bedroom, or bedroom to the Upside Down hellscape. Yet, the expensive walkie talkies that the boys used are not available until 1985. In the first season, the year that they supposedly lived in is 1983. Nonetheless, if you don’t do a lot of research to point out this mistake, you would not be bothered.

7. That ’70s Show: Seven Years of High School


That ’70s Show gave the fans an experience to relive the awkward teenage stage during high school. The storyline revolves around the main casts Forman, Kelso, Jackie, Fez, Hyde, and Donna. The gang smoked and cried throughout their high school life in Wisconsin. However, fans pointed out that the group a bit stayed for too long in high school, since throughout the series, they were in high school. The show lasted for eight years, and the teenagers are in their sophomore and junior year in the first season. Despite that the timeline is a bit confusing, fans still loved the series, and a lot of hearts cried during their graduation.

8. Will & Grace: Will Rapidly Ages


In addition to the TV series confusing timeline is Will and Grace. In the 7th season of the series, Will has a battle with an identity crisis ahead of his 37th birthday. Given that Will is battling with an identity crisis, as a routine, Karen entered the room, and Will immediately insults the wardrobe of Grace. However, in Season 8, Will is complaining about being 41, and this bothered fans and raised questions on what happened to the four missing years. Some claimed that it was just an oversight on the writer’s side. Nonetheless, those small errors have been noticed by many.

 9. Friends: The One Where Joey Isn’t the Youngest Friend Anymore


Another miss look circumstance in Friends series is the character’s birthday and age. When Rachel is celebrating her 30th birthday, she experienced cold feet over aging. To calm her, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Monica, and Joey came to the rescue and shared all their 30th birthday stories. However, Joey should not be sharing his experience, as stated in the first season. He is 25, and Rachel and Monica are 26. Not only that, in the 7th season, Rachel shared with a cop that she is an Aquarius, but her birthday is in May. The age and birthday mix up brought some confusion to fans.

 10. Game of Thrones: Daenerys, Mother of Herbal Tea


The Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive series that has been made. In the last season, after the bloody battle of Winterfell, the surviving characters celebrated their glorious victory. However, after the episode was released, it immediately scattered around social media as a Starbucks cup was left on the table. Fans right away saw that mother of dragons modern coffee cup among the more periodic tableware. The fans and critics chaos reached HBO and digitally removed that coffee cup. The producers also explained that Daenerys owned the container as she was drinking herbal tea.

11. The Simpsons: Maggie Simpson’s Picture from the Future

Even the animated series has its mistakes. The iconic The Simpsons series is not spared from the keen eye to details of the viewers. In the 6th season, Homer explains to Bart and Lisa why there are no photos of Maggie in the family album. After several flashbacks, Homer shared that he took Maggie’s picture and kept it in his office as a motivation for him. However, in one of the flashbacks, pregnant Marge was voicing her concerns to Homer. But behind her, on the wall was the picture of Maggie, already out and on full display. Even the show’s executive producer, Matt Selman, noticed the mistake and posted it on Twitter. Thus, Maggie’s mistake was born.

12. How I Met Your Mother: The Los Angeles Mistake

In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, the story revolves around a group of main characters of which of them knew their way around New York City the best. However, when Ted opens his laptop to get better directions, his screen displays Los Angeles as his current location, instead of New York City, wherein the whole story revolves. Even though the series revolves around their lives in New York, the show is most likely to be filmed in Los Angeles. Hence, Ted’s laptop reads the current location as L.A.

13. Game of Thrones: Melisandre’s Missing Magical Necklace

The character of the mysterious Red Priestess Melisandre possesses powerful magical abilities. One of her remarkable powers is her claim to have lived for centuries while being able to maintain her youthful appearance. Viewers even saw her true beauty when she removed the magic necklace that kept her young. Thus, red flags were raised when Melisandre took off her necklace and fell to her death after healing Winterfell in The Long Night. However, in Season 4, Melisandre took a bath in her room and was naked and without the necklace, yet she still looks youthful as ever. So, a lot of questions were raised, if the nude scene was just an error or is it part of her powers.

14. Family Guy: Is Quagmire Really That Old?

In addition to the animated T.V. series, errors are Family Guy. In one of the episodes, Mayor Adam West raises the town’s drinking age to 50. It would be a problem since Peter and his friends are always drinking. Brian was able to buy booze because he told his age in dog years. But, they tend to miss out on Quagmire. In the series, it was established that Quagmire is 60 years old and looks suitable for his age. Yet, Quagmire also experienced some problems with purchasing the booze when the drinking age was raised to 50.

15. Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister’s Magically Repaired Hand

Fans are always watchful when it comes to the details on their favorite shows. Even the promotion photos are not spared. An example would be a Game of Thrones. The internet called out the image of Jaime Lannister appeared to be hugging his sister Cersei with both hands, and viewers know that Jaime has a golden hand as his right hand was cut off. However, the clip was not featured in the show as it was just a promotional photo used by the Game of Thrones. Of course, viewers are always fast in seeing this kind of detail.

16. Friends: The One Where Time Zones Don’t Exist


Another entry coming from Friends is when they dismiss the existence of time zones. In an episode of Season 3, Monica receives a massive tip from a wealthy customer. The customer later asks her on a dinner date. Monica and the guy left the restaurant where Monica works in then immediately cuts to Rome. The two can be seen wearing the same outfit, and viewers were confused as Rome is six hours ahead of New York City. Also, people asked if they have passports in their bags? Thus, the reason might be just an exaggeration of how wealthy the guy is, but the different time zones don’t make sense for some.

 17. Big Bang Theory: The Broken Timeline With The Broken Elevator


The broken elevator in the Big Bang Theory is one of the iconic things that happen to the show. There were a lot of attempts to fix the elevator, but it seems that it could never be fixed. In Season 1, Leonard said that the elevator broke two years ago. However, in Season 3, Leonards’s failed attempt to fix the elevator was seven years ago. In the later part of the show, Howard also made an attempt to fix it on his own but eventually gave up. Thus, viewers are not only confused with the timeline but also why Howard uses the necessary tools just like Leonard if he was present during the attempt of Leonard to fix the elevator.

18. Sex and the City: Carrie’s Bizarre Bus Passengers


In the opening credits of Sex and the City, a flashy Carrie Bradshaw makes her way down on a hectic New York City block. As Carrie strides down the street in her tutu, a crowded bus with an ad for her sex column drives over a puddle soaking Carrie. However, things get a bit confusing when Carrie is drenched, and she gasps in disgust, and the bus drives away, viewers can see an empty bus. People could not help but wonder, where did all the people go? Up until now, the mystery remains unresolved.

 19. Friends: The One Where Monica’s Body Double Makes an Appearance


A small movement with a camera angle can go a long way, just like what happened in Friends. The scene is at Central Perk where the camera cuts from Phoebe and Monica to Phoebe and surprisingly Monica’s stand-in. In TV shows, they often use stand-ins while the camera is focused on the actors within the shot. However, a slight zoom out well ends up in disaster. Not only that, but several chances throughout the series also revealed exterior lights, boom mics, and other set pieces that do not fit in the Greenwich Village apartment.

20. Grey’s Anatomy: McDreamy’s Nightmarish CPR


Grey’s Anatomy is one of the high rated medical TV series. While it loved by many, it also receives backlash for their medical inaccuracies. Some even say that it is hard to believe that the program is about doctors as their procedures are somewhat wrong. In one of the episodes, Merideth nearly drowns while helping a patient and accidentally gets knocked into a body of water and this is where the major TV mistake happened. Derek successfully saves Merideth by performing the “worst” CPR that has ever done. Dere gave Merideth one breath and five slow compressions, wherein it is supposed to be two breaths and thirty compressions at a faster pace.

 21. That ’70s Show: The Opening Credits

One of the most memorable scenes from That ’70s Show is the opening credits. We can see the cast driving in a car, singing their hearts out on the song “In The Street.” The song’s catchy “Hello, Wisconsin!” is one of the lines that get stuck in people’s heads. However, it also features a mistake. Given that the show took place in the 70s, all of the cars found on the road should be 1976 or before. But, a Ford Expedition from 1997-2002 can be seen in every episode, due to the opening title sequence.

22.The X-Files: Mulder’s Mysterious Wedding Ring

On The X-Files, Fox Mulder is an F.B.I detective who is known to investigate paranormal phenomena. Being busy with his work and solving crimes left him almost no time to date. Thus, he is not married that made his character a mysterious and single detective. However, in a flashback episode, viewers see Mulder wearing a wedding ring with no explanation at all. It has soon been revealed that David Duchovny had been married and wanted to keep his wedding ring on during the filming of the episodes. At least, fans got the answer to the mystery ring.

 23. Sex and The City: Two Guys, One Actor


Carrie Bradshaw is famous for wearing a lot of shoes and dated a lot of men in New York City. However, some men that have been featured in the series are similar, and as a matter of fact, they are the same person. In Season 1, Carrie Bradshaw dates Jared, who is a writer that is played by Justin Theroux. In Season 2, Bradshaw dates Vaughn, who happens to be another writer by also been performed by Justin Theroux. This time, Theroux shaved his head, wore glasses, and showed a totally different character. None of the two characters was able to survive more than one episode, but their complicated legacy will stay forever.

24. The Office: A John Hancock Gone Wrong on The Office


In one of the episodes, a celebration was in order after Dunder Mifflin launched its website. Given the characters on The Office, the simple celebration turns out to be a competitive rowdiness for them to determine who is the best person to plan the party. After a series of failed attempts and emotional outbursts, the series mistake came from Jim. When signing the cast of Merideth, Jimi signs his name as ‘John Krasinski,’ which is his name in real life. Thus, the mistake remains the most memorable part of the party.

 25. Spongebob Squarepants: Redecorating in Bikini Bottom


The houses in Spongebob is one of the iconic homes in cartoons. As many would know, Spongebob lives in a pineapple, Patrick lives in rock, and Squidward lives in a moai from Easter Island, and his house is located between Spongebob and Patrick. However, in one of the episodes, the house of Squidward was completely missing. In the event, Spongebob can’t get enough sleep, and when he ran over to Patrick’s home, Squidward’s house is missing. Thus, the house of Squidward’s drew attention to fans as it was gone entirely.

 26. Mad Men: Dines at a Restaurant From the Future


Mad Men is known for their attention to details throughout the series. For the makers of periodic series, the details must be authentic especially for Mad Men as they present life in the 60s. Sometimes however, makers can miss look the details on the set. The mistake of Mad Men is when the character of Chiristina Hendricks, Joann Harris, made a reservation at the famous New York CIty restaurant Le Cirque. It goes to show that the restaurant is not open until 1974, and the period of the episode of Mad Men is 1968.

27. Dexter: Dexter’s Incomplete Execution


Dexter has done really great in entertaining the viewers. He is a forensic technician and vigilante serial killer. However, in Season 1’s finale, Dexter discovered that Rudy is the Ice Truck Killer along with his long lost brother, Brian. Even thought that they are family, Brian is still a monster, and Dexter puts justice in his own hands. He kills his brother with a slice to the throat. But viewers could notice that the post-murder actor who played Rudy is still beraathing. It can be seen that his chest is moving together with his pumping neck vein.

 28. The Simpsons:  Waylon Smithers’ Changing Appearance

Throughout the series, you can see the drastic changes on the lives of the Simpsons characters. But for Waylon Smithers, it is quite a huge change. Smithers started out as an obedient servant of Mr. Burns and later become a nuanced character. However, it seems that not only his attitude changes but also his color. Back in the original episodes, Smithers is colored black, and later he was given a yellow hue. The makers have explained the reasons, but it somehow did not justify the immediate change.

29. Breaking Bad: Rambunctious Roof Pizza


One of the unforgettable scenes in Breaking Bad is when Walter Whiter threw the pizza on the roof because of his rage. However, viewers noticed something different as the pizza parlor tends to forgot to cut the pizza into slices. The pizza was left in its original form.  Also, in the later part of the episode, the mysterious pizza seems to move around the roof from scene to scene. Not only that, the pie also developed an additional pepperoni toppings.

 30. Parks and Recreation: Your Name Is Really Jerry, Jerry


In the early part of Parks and Recreation, the character of Jerry was introduced. The clumsy yet lovable is one of the funny characters in the Pawnee office. However, Jerry confesses that his name was actually Gary but did not bother correcting anyone since a senior staff calls him Jerry. Not only that, in the later parts of the show, it was revealed that Jerry’s real name is Gerald in which he could be called Jerry for short. Now, the questions is, what happened to Gary? May be the writers has a mistake or Jerry forgot his name.

 31. Lost: Mysterious Gray Blob


Lost is one of the iconic TV series that has garnered a lot of fans and driven some conspiracies. Die-hard fans rewatched the series and try to spot some clues and then eventually comes out with theory. However, one clue has caught a lot of attention coming from the pilot episode. It is when a giant puff of black smoke pressed past the screen as an engine exploded. Thus, fans came up with theories. But the producers confess that the mystery is just a simple computer error whizzing past the screen.

 32. Friends: Ross Is 29-Years-Old (For Three Years)


Given the confusion of Joey’s age, and Rachel’s birthday, Friends has another entry, and it is also disorientation to Ross’s age. For three years, it seems that the paleontologist adds age at all. Ross mentioned in Season 3, 4 and 5 that he is 29 years old. As a matter of fact, we can see other characters having a birthday and three individual Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes over the period. Maybe the writers miss out on Ross’s birthday or forgot to put the correct age that he is supposed to be.

33. Friends: There Was Really No Need To Break The Foosball Table


One of the saddest parts of the Friends series is, of course, their Season finale. Heart cried in the part where Chandler and Joey have to break the iconic foosball table for them to free that duckling and chick. However, continuity has a bit of a mistake when it comes to the foosball table. As fans could clearly remember, Rachel and Monica, lose over a bet in which they need to give up their apartment in exchange for Joey and Chandler. Thus, when Joey and Chandler are moving into the other apartment, the foosball table can easily be separated into two parts. But for the touching moment’s sake, breaking the foosball table is one of the most heartbreaking parts.

34. Friends: Rachel Doesn’t Know How To Spell Her Surname


A simple mistake can reflect on the character. Just like what happened to Friends, Rachel does not seem to know how to spell her surname. As fans would know, it is spelled as Green as it was written in the credits, Jennifer Aniston’s character is Rachel Green. However, in one of the episodes where Rachel is working in Bloomingdale’s, the spelling of her surname is Greene. Also, on Emma’s first birthday, it can be seen on a cake box that Rachel’s surname is also spelled as Green. Clearly, the mistake was made in the Bloomingdale as the majority states that her surname is spelled as Green.

 35. Friends: Joey’s Fridge Door Is Constantly Changing


Die-hard Friends fans could never forget the episode where Joey’s fridge got broken, and he can be seen eating everything inside the iconic fridge. Also, Joey was asking for money from the gang for him to get a new refrigerator. However, questions surfaced about the continuity of the hinges of Joey’s fridge. For sure, Chandler is not changing it regularly. Viewers considered the constant change on Joey’s fridge a continuity error. For some, it may seem to be just a fridge door, but for fans, it is one of the most memorable sets in the series.

36. How I Met Your Mother: The Perfect Week


Lily and Marshall are arguably one of the cutest couples in the series. The series started as the couple are already together. Thus, in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Lily and Marshall have mentioned that they are both using the same toothbrush ever since they are together. However, in the 14th episode of the first season, “Zip, zip, zip”, Lily and Marshall are brushing their teeth together at the same time. The makers must have forgotten about this detail.

37. How I Met Your Mother: Everything Must Go


In the TV series, there are a lot of flashbacks that happen to establish the character’s background and tell the story clearly. However, it can also be tricky when it comes to continuity. In one of the flashbacks on How I Met Your Mother, the viewers found a mistake. In Ted’s memory, where Barney has a mysterious saboteur is having a conversation with lily, and the girl has straight blonde hair. But in the 14th episode, “The Bracket,” wherein the saboteur was first introduced, she had curly blonde hair. Both appeared in the same sequence.

38. How I Met Your Mother: Intervention


Another continuity mistake from How I Met Your Mother, is when the gang is at MacLaren’s. After the group gets to the bar, which is their usual thing to do, Ted started a speech about how they all needed to move on. As Ted moves over to the booth, he told the people who are sitting there to get out. Viewers could see the girl took her phone with her, and there is no other phone on the table. However, a few seconds later, the girl comes back, stating that she left her phone, and the phone mysteriously reappear.

 39. How I Met Your Mother: Arrivederci, Fiero

Another contradicting confusion in How I Met Your Mother is in Season 2, Episode 17. Viewers learned that Barney does not know how to drive. However, fans must have rewatched each of the episodes and got confused as thought the series there is evidence that he can. Just like in the first season episode 22, Penelope said to barney that “We had sex twice in your car.” Also, in Season 2 Episode 18, Barney drove away with Ted’s rental van, and in Season 3 Episode 14, Barney stole the SUV of Holly while they are camping.

40. Game Of Thrones: Water Bottle Finale


Aside from the coffee cup incident of the end Season of Game of Thrones, there is also the water bottle incident. Another modern-day item popped up in Westeros. No matter how small it is, it is undeniable as it does not belong to any of the GOT sets at all. The water bottle can be seen during the critical scenes in the farewell episode. The sequence is where they have to decide who will be seated in the Iron Throne. However, a water bottle can be seen ticked behind the foot of Sir Samwell Tarly. He must have gotten really thirsty during the filming of that episode.

Filming a TV series can be quite challenging. But if it is a hit and has fruited into a lot of fans, it could also be a great achievement. However, one of the challenges in filming is the continuity as they are a lot of flashbacks, and one mistake could go along way. Sometimes those mistakes can never be erased nor forgotten. Just like with Friends and How I Met Your Mother, it seems that they have a lot of continuity errors, but fans still love to watch it. These mistakes may not be forgotten, but the important thing is that these TV series have entertained people.